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August 20, 2010

Breakfast Dessert – Chocolate Zucchini Cake

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On Wednesday another team in the office brought in a feast of zucchini cakes.  I guess zucchini must be in season.  One of the cakes was so good that I had to make one myself.  This is not exactly the same recipe but it’s even healthier because I could use applesauce to replace most of the oil.  Thinking that this will be a good chance to sneak in some fibre for Adrian, I even used the new Nutri-Blend flour to make the cake.  The oatmeal and chocolate chips topping was an idea I took from Happy Home Baking.  They made the cake look very pretty.

One thing good about using zucchini in baking is that it just adds moisture to the cake but won’t affect the taste at all.  On the other hand, the whole wheat taste from Nutri-Blend was quite strong.  It completely failed what it claimed on the packaging “with goodness of whole grain but taste like white flour”.  It doesn’t taste like white flour at all.  The good thing is that it can be sieved through finely as white.  I will only use it for whole wheat recipe from now on.  At first I thought Ho wouldn’t like the cake because of the whole wheat taste but he said the cake was good and he could only taste the chocolate.  I guess I am the baker with picky taste buds.  Last night the chocolate smell filled the house and he kept asking me if he could have a slice. But he knew he shouldn’t because it’s midnight already.

Ok, breakfast time!  Adrian still refused to eat it because he could see bits of green colour in it.  I won’t give up!  I’ll peel the zucchini when I make this cake next time.  Livie loved it though, I guess it’s because it’s a chocolate cake.  All girls like chocolate, she is a typical girl in this case.


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