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June 5, 2010

Danish – Breakfast Bread Week #4

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After the almost fainting experience last week, this time I ensured myself waking up early with a fresh mind and body before class.  GB baking lab in the summer is really hot.  Cherry and I were sweating after first half hour.  I also reminded myself to roll every part of the dough including the centre.  I think I did  a pretty good job this time.  Cherry did the dough for butterfly nut roll and I did the dough for twisted lemon poppy seed. I’ve never had lemon poppy seed danish before.  They look very sweet yet very pretty.  Surprisingly, the danish was not overly sweet.  The only drawback was on the glace.  Since severl teams made extra glace and offered theirs to us, we just used the leftover.  I think we should have reheat the glace before brushing it on.  Now the glace was a bit thick.  Otherwise the danish would be perfect.  We saw some of other teams’ danishes were as big as a full lunch.   Probably it’s because they cut the dough strips thicker for twisting.  To me, ours are just the right size because anything bigger will be too heavy.

Look at the cut side, much better then last time!


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