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April 15, 2010

Honey Molasses Cocoa Bread

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When I first picked up this hobby of baking, I meant to make every recipe a healthy one.  Since I don’t have enough experience to create my own recipe yet, I always search for low sugar (but not with artifical sweetener) or high fibre recipes over the internet.  While sugar is easy to adjust, the big challenge of high fibre baked food is the taste of whole wheat flour.  Home baked ones have stronger taste than those ones we bought in stores.  I was hoping the molasses, cocoa, and coffee in this recipe will be able to cover the whole wheat taste. 

The dough was hard to knead even with the machine because of the fibre content.  The dough hook stumbled a few times.  I had to stop it periodically to ensure it won’t overload the motor.  I was worried at the beginning because the dough appeared to be quite dry. Yet after adding all the milk and butter, it finally turned smooth.

It’s a very heavy dough, it still proofed and rose properly though.  It’s hard to shape them to a perfect ball.  The seams wouldn’t come together.  I just left them at the bottom.

The colour is not as dark as the pictures provided with the original recipe.  I don’t have super dark cocoa powder, maybe that’s why.

When I split the bread last night, it was very moist and actually looked a bit mushy.  It was right out of the oven then.  I waited until this morning to look inside of another one.  It’s real bread to me.  It’s almost like it was still baking by itself after I took them out from the oven.

The taste is good.  The spices did cover the whole wheat taste a lot, I’d like it to cover more though.  Now I can taste coffee and molasses, but not cocoa.  I think I’ll add more cocoa, remove the coffee, and brush with egg white and yolk next time.  The yolk will help to brown it more.  So far this is the best whole wheat bread recipe I have found.  It’s a good foundation for me to experiment with different ingredients.  Ah… it’ll be tasty to add raisins too. 


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